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Taurus Male Best Love Match

Taurus Boyfriend Personality
Taurus House Rulership: The Second House The second house in Astrology is the house of... Money/Earnings Collecting/Hoarding Security/Stability Creature Comforts From this we can deduce that the Taurus boyfriend enjoys having his own money (money) and having a steady stable job(earnings, stability) Taurus boyfriends also like to have the things in life that make him comfortable such as his own home, his own car, his own house, and a large healthy savings account. (comfort/security)
Taurus Planetary Rulership: Venus They say that the planet Venus rules Taurus and Libra, however I feel that Venus really rules just Libra and that Taurus does have its own ruling planet but that it has not been discovered yet. For the sake of this book, we will use Venus and my own personal experiences with Taurus Zodiac Personalities as a guide.

Planet Venus Astrological Keywords:

Indulgence Love Comfort Relaxation Romance MoneyFun Youthful spirit Materialistic Soc…